BOCA Boundaries and Jurisdictions

Santa Monica Canyon and BOCA lie wholly within the City of Los Angeles. But because of the Canyon's name, and the fact that its mail is delivered out of the 90402 branch Santa Monica post office, many people think Santa Monica Canyon is in the City of Santa Monica. It is not. The dividing line is the centerline of Adelaide on top of the bluff. Houses on the south side of Adelaide are in Santa Monica; the cliff-hanging houses on the north side are in Los Angeles.

Boundaries of BOCA within Santa Monica Canyon

Santa Monica Canyon Civic Association

The Santa Monica Canyon Civic Association (SMCCA), founded in 1946, is the oldest neighborhood association in Los Angeles. It covers all of Santa Monica Canyon, and so BOCA is entirely within the SMCCA area. We work very closely with SMCCA on a range of issues, and we encourage BOCA members to also join SMCCA.

City of Los Angeles

All of our Canyon's municipal services - policing, fire protection, street cleaning, street lighting, garbage collection, etc. - are provided by the City of Los Angeles. Our wonderful school, Canyon Charter Elementary, is part of the Los Angeles Unified School District. Our most important elected official is Los Angeles City Councilman of the 9th District, a seat now held by Mike Bonin. BOCA and Canyon residents vote in Los Angeles municipal elections, and cast votes for L.A. ballot measures (not Santa Monica) and for the Mayor of Los Angeles.

Los Angeles County

Our representative for Los Angeles County issues is the Supervisor of the 3rd District, a seat now held by Zev Yaroslavsky, who will soon retire. This matters on County issues such as the beach (maintained by the l.A. County Beaches & Harbors department, and our Canyon water channel or creek, which is maintained by the L.A. County flood control department).

State of California

Our representative for the State of California is the State Assemblyman for the 50th District, a seat now held by Richard Bloom (the former Mayor of Santa Monica, to add to the confusion!). This matters on issues related to PCH (a state-owned, Caltrans operated highway) and to the Coastal Act, overseen by the California Coastal Commission.

Pacific Palisades

From the perspective of Los Angeles city planners, our Canyon is part of the Brentwood-Pacific Palisades district. The Canyon has its own distinct identity and location, but has strong affiliations with the Palisades. The Palisades Community Council is an important organization that represents all of the Palisades to the City of Los Angeles. Cathy Russell is the Canyon's representative on the Council -- she can be reached at The north border between the Canyon and the rest of the Palisades is generally considered to be Chautauqua and Sunset.