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Where Santa Monica Canyon Meets the Sea. 

About BOCA

BOCA is the neighborhood association for the mouth of Santa Monica Canyon. Founded in 1977, BOCA incorporates around 250 households and 30 businesses. We're an all-volunteer organization committed to improving livability, beauty and safety where Santa Monica Canyon meets the sea.

What We Do

In the past decade, BOCA and its members have:

  • helped reduce speeding on our streets

  • cleaned and maintained our beach tunnels

  • added landscaping to the gas station and traffic islands

  • replaced ad benches with wood benches at our bus stops

  • represented the neighborhood with police and elected officials

Our 2018 Goals

This year, with your help, BOCA plans to: 

  • launch our new website

  • reactivate our committees

  • improve beach tunnels and coastal access

  • reduce traffic impacts from California Incline

  • add landscaping to traffic islands

  • improve lighting and safety

  • work closely with SMCCA, Canyon School, and Rustic Canyon Park

  • expand membership and increase budget