Safety Committee

The Safety Committee focuses on earthquake preparedness, crime reporting and prevention, and ensuring safe routes to Canyon School. We coordinate with the Santa Monica Canyon Civic Association (SMCCA), and the West Los Angeles Police Community Police Advisory Board (CPAB).

At one time, LAPD officers patrolled the Canyon and beach on bike during the summer months

At one time, LAPD officers patrolled the Canyon and beach on bike during the summer months



Our neighborhood is part of the Palisades district of the City of Los Angeles, and is under the jurisdiction of the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD). Much of the Westside, including BOCA, falls within LAPD's  "Pacific Division." The headquarters for this division is located in West Los Angeles at xxxx Santa Monica Boulevard.

The Pacific Division is xxx square miles, and has only a few patrol cars for the entire area. Therefore, public safety issues and crime are generally not discovered by patrolling officers, but by residents who call in the problem. In general, the LAPD encourages us to call them, and not to hesitate because we think the problem may be minor. 

Though we are directly north and adjacent to the City of Santa Monica, and you may occasionally see Santa Monica Police cars in the neighborhood, they are only passing through and do not have jurisdiction in our neighborhood.

Weekly Crime Report

Click here for the weekly report for LAPD Senior Lead Officer Moore:

Weekly Crime Report from Senior Lead Officer Moore

Who to Call?

See our Who to Call page


Crime Statistics

The LAPD makes crime statistics available each week, which we publish in our news section.



The combination of the beach and mild climate has meant that the Canyon has always attracted a significant number of people who do not own or rent. Some camp out on the beach or the hillsides. The issues of homelessness and vagrancy is complex, and involves a balance of individual rights and public safety. The Los Angeles Police Department has guidelines and recommendations for dealing with this issue and any related concerns or crime.



The mouth of Santa Monica Canyon provides coastal and beach access to hundreds of thousands of people per year, and is therefore susceptible to graffitti attacks, especially in the tunnels. Most experts believe the best approach is ongoing surveillance and immediate removal, which discourages further attacks. The City of Los Angeles removes graffitti quickly when contacted. Here is the contact information, which is also listed on our Who to Call page.



LAPD emphatically advises residents to keep doors locked in the home and the car, and to install motion detection lighting around the perimeter of the house. They believe these are simplest and most effective deterrents against burglary. In addition, the Safety Committee will looking into adding private lights on residential property which help increase illumination on the sidewalks and staircases.


Traffic Safety 

Because of our location next to PCH and the mountain barriers to the north, the Canyon is subject to very heavy non-local traffic from drivers passing through on longer trips within the Los Angeles region. Preventing car accidents, and especially injuries to pedestrians, is a primary objective of BOCA. This aspect of safety, including safe walking routes to Canyon School, is handled by the Traffic & Walkability committee.