Just a reminder to all:  The California Incline closes on Monday for one year. Traffic impacts on the Canyon are expected to be heavy, at least for several months. Leave extra time for trips in and out of the Canyon. The "No Left Turn" onto Mabery restriction begins today or tomorrow, with a barrier and signs. U-turns are also prohibited. Violations carry a fine of $234. Use alternate routes to access Mabery and Ocean Way from the south.

This week BOCA distributed over 200 information booklets on the Incline Closure, including "Frequently Asked Questions" and a map of alternate routes for Mabery / Ocean Way. You can download a PDF of the booklet by clicking here: https://www.yousendit.com/download/bXBZclVNckllaFR2WnNUQw

Your volunteer BOCA leadership, and that of the Santa Monica Canyon Civic Association, have been working together for more than two years with city officials to prepare for this closure. The reconstruction of the Incline is necessary; some traffic congestion and inconvenience is inevitable. BOCA and SMCCA have done everything possible to try and help mitigate the impacts. Canyon residents have been well represented, and the city has responded. Patience and forebearance are now called for as we all adjust to the new reality for the next 12-14 months.

Official project information is available herehttp://www.smgov.net/bebp/project.aspx?id=26686

AuthorDoug Suisman