Finally a bit of good news on the Canyon traffic front. At the urging of BOCA and SMCCA in early August, Councilman Bonin's office formally requested LADOT to assign a traffic control officer to the Entrada intersection at Canyon School for the first two weeks of school. The City's Public Works department agreed to pay for this service as a mitigation for the spillover traffic from its PCH sewer project, which has increased traffic congestion throughout the Canyon. The agreed hours were on school days from 7:30-8:30am, and in the afternoons from 2:30-4:30 (M,W,F) and 1:30-3:30 (T,T) based on the school's dismissal schedule.

The service began last week on the first day of school (August 12), and from all reports BOCA has received, the presence of an officer at the intersection has improved the situation. CLICK ON THE SLIDE SHOW BELOW FOR AN OVERVIEW:

Today we got some additional good news: the deployment of an officer has been extended for another three weeks, until around September 15. It turns out that LADOT covered the cost of the first week, and the budget allocation by Public Works is going further than expected. So another 15-17 days of service can now be provided. This is very good news for the whole community.

Looking ahead, BOCA, SMCCA, Canyon School, and the Council office will work to see if the presence of the officer can be extended for the duration of the PCH sewer project (through April 2015), and ideally beyond, becoming a permanent part of traffic safety in the Canyon and at Canyon School.

BOCA  would like to thank all who have helped to make this happen:

  • Norman Kulla of the Council office, with the full support of Councilman Mike Bonin, for making the request to LADOT
  • Kendrick Okuda and Andy Flores of Public Work's Bureau of Engineering for agreeing to cover the cost as mitigation for the CIRS sewer project on PCH
  • To Edward Yu of LADOT for gaining the approval for the deployment
  • To Captain Villareal, Sargent Garrett, and Sargent Jones of LADOT's West Division for arranging the deployment 
  • To Officer James Black for his excellent service on the assignment
  • To Canyon School's Beth Preminger, Julie Silliman, and Jerry Deli for coordinating on behalf of the school
  • To BOCA's Traffic & Walkability Committee chairs Adrienne Chandhok and Jona Frank for their tireless efforts to calm traffic and improve safety in the Canyon
  • To SMCCA's Marilyn Wexler and George Wolfberg for all their efforts on the Canyon Traffic Working Group
AuthorDoug Suisman