Now that the physical improvements to the beach tunnels are complete, BOCA and SMCCA will be working to address some of our related social issues, including transients, encampments, and graffiti. Based on numerous reports, these problems appear to be getting steadily worse, in terms of the number of incidents and the aggressiveness of some of the transient population. And the situation is often exacerbated in the summer when the overnight population increases due to fair weather. The first step is to warn the community of two individuals currently in the area.


The first is a white male, approx. 5-9", average build, light beard on chin, tattoos on legs. He is verbally aggressive, and threatened violence against one of BOCA's members. He has defecated at least once in the tunnel, and has been loitering and drinking there. He hid his face from the photographer for this photo. LAPD's Officer Michael Moore was informed yesterday of the threat, and wrote this morning that he would look into it. If you see this individual, call Officer Moore's cell at (310) 622-3984. If the individual threatens in any way, call 9-1-1.

This woman was blocking the steps from Entrada up to Mabery yesterday at 7:00pm. When asked to clear a path to go by, she was verbally abusive, and appeared mentally disturbed. When she departed, she left behind her trash, which included mail from 159 Entrada, so it appears she had been going through mailboxes in the area. Additionally, last night there was a theft of belongings from an unlocked car nearby on Entrada. There is no indication this woman was the culprit, but the warning stands: do not leave valuable items in your mailbox or car.

AuthorDoug Suisman