At the behest of BOCA, SMCCA, and Council Mike Bonin's office, the LA's Department of Transportation is working very hard to assess and implement mitigations for the overflow traffic from the current sewer project, and to prepare for the California incline closure in October.

  • We have just learned that new "DO NOT BLOCK" and "KEEP CLEAR" road markings and signs will be going in at Kingman / San Lorenzo.
  • At BOCA and SMCCA's suggestion, the City is working with Caltrans to try and maintain three northbound lanes on PCH at all times during the sewer project, instead of only 2 northbound in the mornings, so that traffic does not back up into the Canyon and Santa Monica - new sensors will be going onto Canyon streets this week to take additional traffic counts requested by Caltrans
  • BOCA is pressing hard to have the Bureau of Street Services restore the 6 speed humps on the half-mile Mabery / Ocean Way loop, which has more than 60 homes along it; the bumps have been worn down over a decade are inadequate for limiting the speeds on the loop
  • BOCA is developing a video of the chaotic conditions at the Mabery / Ocean Avenue Extension intersection to underscore the need for a reconfiguration of the intersection to assure the safety of pedestrians, kids going to Canyon School, cyclists, and motorists
AuthorDoug Suisman