BOCA's 2014 membership drive has just ended on May 31, and the results are in:

  • Nearly $10,500 raised from membership dues, exceeding BOCA's ambitious goal of $10,000. This is nearly double what BOCA has ever raised in annual dues in its 40-year history
  • More than 82 member households and businesses, representing approximately 160 people. This is by far the largest membership BOCA has ever enjoyed

Enormous thanks go to Membership chair Christine Darrin, and her team who went door-to-door, including Patti Behr, Frank Langen, Johni Levene, and Moye Thompson. Thanks also to Diana Braun who set up the website and our online payment system, which made it easy to join and surely helped boost the campaign.

Finally thanks to all of our members, who stepped up and contributed dues in unprecedented numbers and levels of giving. This is no doubt due in part to the awareness of some of the challenges that we face as a community in the coming year, but it's also a tribute to the strength of the Canyon as a place of great neighborliness, community spirit, and sense of history.

See separate posts on BOCA's 2014 financial status and how the budget will be used in the coming months.


AuthorDoug Suisman