The extensive red graffiti that had marred the Little Tunnel (end of Ocean Way) has finally been removed by a crew from the City of LA's Community Beautification team, a division of Public Works. As many of you know, BOCA's Environment Committee reported the graffiti by calling 3-1-1. A week later, the Committee received an erroneous notification from the City saying the graffiti had been removed. A second phone call was placed by Little Tunnel captain Judi Jensen, who says her experience has shown that 1. to get results, we have to make a phone call to 3-1-1 rather than report graffiti at the City's online site, and 2. because the tunnel is hard to find, "we have to give them some specific directions.  When I call, I tell them to park at 95 Ocean Way and go down the long stairway to PCH and the tunnel."

Thanks to Judi and Environment Committee Chair Wes Hough for taking care of this problem. It won't be the last time we have graffiti in the tunnels, but we now have an effective procedure for getting rid of it quickly. If you're walking to the beach and see graffiti in the tunnels, please call 3-1-1 on your cell phone and report it. If it's in the Little Tunnel, use Judi's directions on how to find it ("bottom of stairs at 95 Ocean Way"). If it's Roosevelt Tunnel, you can just say at the southeast corner of PCH and West Channel Road. 

AuthorDoug Suisman