The BOCA Board met on June 3 for its summer meeting.

The meeting followed the conclusion of the membership drive, which yielded $10,400 in dues. With savings from previous years, BOCA has approximately $20,000 in hand. BOCA's previous primary expenditure - $4000 / year to have the trash containers emptied - has now been removed, because the Environment Committee negotiated a new agreement with the City for the city crews to remove the trash.

BOCA board members reviewed a number of proposed expenditures from each committee in the coming months.

TRAFFIC & WALKABILITY: radar speed gun; electronic traffic speed sign; orange safety cones; bumper stickers for a "Slow Down in the Canyon" campaign. Range: $500-2500

MEMBERSHIP: printing costs for a BOCA roster; printing costs for party invitations; beverages for the summer and winter parties. Range: $50-$100

COMMUNICATIONS: ongoing cost for BOCA website hosting; possible internship for student to edit BOCA news page; Range: $250-$1000.

ENVIRONMENT: complete repainting of both beach tunnels; new landscaping on 2-3 traffic islands; refinishing of bus stop benches; printing for brochure for the "Livable Canyon Project" Range: $3000-$5000

SAFETY: set up safety roster, manual, and procedures; sell earthquake safety kits. RANGE: TBD

Each committee will develop specific costs for each item.

AuthorDoug Suisman