The repainting of the Roosevelt Tunnel and the Little Tunnel, organized and funded by BOCA with SMCCA, is well under way! Our painter Mariano has finished the wall painting in both tunnels (cornbread yellow). On Monday he will resume and paint the metal railings and handrails in gray. A huge thanks to Sharon Kilbride and Wes Hough for their incredible time and effort on this, arranging the painting, buying all the supplies, and overseeing the work.

We are also adding new gateway signs to the tunnels - one at each of the five entrances (three at Roosevelt, two at Little Tunnel). All the signs will have an anti-graffiti coating that should make it easier to keep them clean and legible.

new gateway signs for the beach tunnels

new gateway signs for the beach tunnels

We are also replacing the existing "No Loitering" signs, many of which have been defaced or covered, with new ones.  These must be posted, with the appropriate Los Angeles municipal code number, in order for the LAPD to enforce the rule. BOCA has been getting reports of increased vagrancy, vandalism, encampments, intoxication, and aggressive behavior. We will be working with LAPD, the City, and the County in the coming weeks and months to restore civility to the Canyon's beachfront.

No Loitering sign must be posted in order for LAPD to enforce the law

No Loitering sign must be posted in order for LAPD to enforce the law

Finally, we have reported the two lights that are burned out in the Little Tunnel to the Bureau, and are prepared to respond to any graffiti.

You can help maintain the tunnels. If you're going through and see problems of any kind, take a picture with your cellphone and send it to us.


IF THERE IS A NON-EMERGENCY POLICE ISSUE, LIKE VAGRANCY:  call Officer Moore's cellphone at (310) 622-3984

IF LIGHTS ARE BURNED OUT: call James Masud at Bureau of Street Lighting to report it: (323) 913-4727

IF THERE IS GRAFFITI:  call 311 and report it - we have provided them with extra cans of the new paint so the paintover will match




AuthorDoug Suisman