The much needed repainting of both the Little Tunnel and the Roosevelt Tunnel is about to begin! The work is scheduled to begin tomorrow morning, Wednesday, June 24. It should last 2-3 days. The project has been organized and funded jointly by BOCA Neighborhood Association and Santa Monica Canyon Civic Association (SMCCA). If you're jogging to the bike path, or just headed to the beach, you may need to use the other tunnel if the one you're going to is in the process of being painted. The project will begin with prep work, followed by spraying. The color will be similar to the existing, but a little warmer and brighter (paint chip "Corn Muffin"!); the metal railings will be painted gray for better appearance over the long term. Extra paint will be stored by BOCA so that graffiti can be quickly covered and repainted by the City with matching color.

AuthorDoug Suisman