The BOCA Board is delighted to report that in mid-April BOCA's Annual Drive crossed the 50% mark. BOCA has now raised $5,300, or 53% of our $10,000 goal for the year.  The donations have come so far from 33 Canyon households, who have been exceptionally generous in contributing to our community coffer. The breakdown is as follows:

Amount / Number of Gifts

  • $35  / 1
  • $50 / 9
  • $75 / 4
  • $100 / 9
  • $150 / 1
  • $250 / 6
  • $500 / 4

Sincere thanks to all who have contributed so far. Please, if you haven't given yet, please go online and make your donation today!  It's easy to do: just click here -  Join BOCA - to go to the "Join BOCA" tab on this website - you can pay with a credit card. Or if you prefer, you can write a check out to BOCA Neighborhood Association and mail it to: Frank Langen, BOCA Treasurer, 169 West Channel Rd., SM 90402.

What do your dues support? Aside from any volunteer time you yourself may give, your dues help us as an organization take many steps that help improve our community. Your BOCA officers, board, committee members, and volunteer neighbors have been busy! Actions so far this year:

  • formed five working committees: Communications, Environment, Membership, Safety, and Traffic & Walkability
  • launched BOCA's first website
  • updated the BOCA Google group
  • launched online administration of BOCA's membership roster and information
  • launched a door-to-door membership drive
  • reached 53% of $10,000 dues / fundraising goal by mid-April
  • formed a strong partnership with Santa Monica Canyon Civic Association (SMCCA)
  • catalyzed the formation of a multi-agency working group for the California Incline closure
  • made recommendations on traffic mitigations for the Incline closure
  • worked with City of LA to replace lightbulbs in the tunnel
  • worked with City of LA to remove graffitti in the tunnel
  • worked with Caltrans to remove floodwater in the tunnels
  • designated two volunteer tunnel captains to oversee tunnel maintenance
  • planned a Canyon-wide volunteer cleaning program for the tunnels
  • removed underused trash receptacles that were costly for BOCA to maintain
  • installed new receptacles that the City will now empty
  • will participate in SMCCA's annual meeting on May 13

Once our fundraising is complete and we know what our budget is, the Board will meet to set priorities and allocate funds for specific projects. These may include repainting of the tunnels, new landscaping, and new lighting.


AuthorDoug Suisman