As part of BOCA's close working relationship with Santa Monica Canyon Civic Association (SMCCA), we'll try to post here, and on the Google Group, any SMCCA activities and events. Tonight is an important board meeting, which includes ongoing discussion of the impending California Incline closure (now scheduled for September, with expected duration of 18 months). The City of Santa Monica's chief transportation planner, Sam Morrissey, will be at the meeting, as will of Norman Kulla of Councilman Bonin's office. Here's the agenda:



Clubhouse Library – 601 Latimer Road 

Tuesday, February 18, 2014, 7:00 pm


1. Introductions 

2. Approval of minutes from January 

3. Treasurer’s report 

4. California Incline-Sam Morrissey Santa Monica DOT 

5. CD-11 Report-Norman Kulla 

6. Committee reports: 

 Nominating - One BOD vacancy. Canyon school rep? Park PAB rep? 

 Annual meeting-Bob B 

 Traffic-Marilyn W 

7. Website update - George 

8. Park update - Jackie 

9. George’s report - PCH Task Force, CIRS, Grove 

10. New Business 

11. Adjourn 


Feb. 18 SMCCA Agenda


AuthorDoug Suisman