Major LAPD Traffic Enforcement Operation in West LA

LAPD is now conducting a major traffic enforcement operation covering West LA . Additional officers are now assigned to this new task force targeting certain traffic violations. These additional officers will be on duty during morning and afternoon rush hours, every day including weekends, for the next couple of months. 

This added traffic enforcement is in response to an increase in traffic-related fatalities and serious injuries. 

The officers will be citing unsafe speed, unsafe lane changes, aggressive driving, red light violations, left turn violations, as well as such illegal conduct as DUI, cellphone and seatbelt violations. We urge safe driving practices at all times, but extra caution would be wise at this time. The LAPD believes that most of these accidents are preventable.

Be sure to carry an current proof of auto insurance. You must be able to show it if you are stopped for any violation.

Major streets being targeted are: Sunset, San Vicente, Santa Monica, Wilshire, Olympic, Bundy, Westwood and the area around Century City.

Violations they are addressing:

(1) Using cell phone while driving, including texting and e-mailing. 

(2) Seatbelt usage

(3) Unsafe speed and passing, cutting off other cars, and other forms of aggressive driving

(4) Left turn violations

(5) Red light violations

(6) Failing to yield to pedestrians in a crosswalk

(7) Jaywalking/Crossing streets outside of a crosswalk, or beginning to cross the street when the signal does not permit it 

(8) Failing to stop for a stopped school bus that is loading or unloading riders

The tickets can be $200 or more, and can affect your driving record and your insurance premium

AuthorDoug Suisman