The BOCA Environment Committee has been in touch with the Bureau of Street Lighting to improve coordination on replacing burnt-out lamps in the tunnels. An excellent rapport has been established with James Masud, an engineer who handles lighting for the City's bridges and tunnels.

He told BOCA that the BSL has what they call a "General Benefit Crew." This is a truck that makes a regular clockwise tour of the city over the course of a month, inspecting lighting in public spaces, bridges, tunnels, etc.

He reported that this one-man crew now stops by the Roosevelt Tunnel once a month just to check for problems. He indicated that the crew goes to the Little Tunnel "less often", apparently because fewer problems are reported there. BOCA asked if BSL could add the Little Tunnel to the monthly routine, and he said he would try to make that happen.

BOCA also spoke with Mr. Gil DeLaCruz from the BSL's Community Services Division. BOCA has asked if the BSL would consider upgrading the lighting so that the tunnels are brighter, possible with LED's or other energy-efficient sources. Mr. DeLaCruz said he would look at the existing electrical circuits to see what they can handle, and will report back to BOCA.

Maybe less dark?

Maybe less dark?

AuthorDoug Suisman