Membership Committee

The Membership Committee maintains the membership roster, welcomes new residents, recruits new members, and handles the outreach to our neighborhood merchants and merchant members.


Who Can Join BOCA?

We welcome all residents within the BOCA area of Santa Monica Canyon. That includes renters as well as owners! We extend a warm welcome to new residents and families and encourage you to join.

We are also able to welcome a limited number of Santa Monica Canyon residents from outside the BOCA area (see BOCA boundary map here).


Annual Dues

Membership dues are collected at the beginning of each calendar year through March. This allows us to establish our budget for the remainder of the year.

Membership dues pay for a range of neighborhood services and improvements, from cleaning the tunnels to new landscaping and lighting. The BOCA annual budget is  published online for each year.

The recommended basic dues for each household is $50. However, residents are encouraged to contribute what they are able. For some this may less. For others, we have giving levels of $75, $100, $250, and $500. Click the Join BOCA page now to join!


2014 Membership Drive

In February and March, BOCA will conduct its annual membership drive, seeking renewals from existing members, inviting other residents to join, and welcoming new residents to the community. The goal for 2014 is to raise $10,000 from dues. As of February 14, we are already at 12% of our goal. Please join or renew today: CLICK HERE!


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