What's the BOCA Google Group?

With the launch of this BOCA website, most of the important neighborhood information can now be found here. However, the BOCA Google Group will continue to be the forum where BOCA members can post messages for community conversation. Posts at the Google Group go directly by email to those who subscribe to it.

Screen Shot 2014-02-05 at 5.39.42 PM.png

Who Can Use the Google Group?

The Google Group is intended for dues-paying members of BOCA. You must be "invited" by the administrator to join the group. Membership allows you to post and to receive e-mails and alerts. If you use the Google Group but are not a member, please join now by clicking the "Join BOCA" tab above.

Guidelines for Using the Google Group

Please keep the posts on topic and respectful. 

Remember that when you post a message, it gets e-mailed to the entire group.

When you're responding to someone's post, you may not need for everyone to see your reply. Consider just sending your message directly and exclusively to the original poster - you do this by clicking the far right arrow and selecting "Reply to Author", rather than posting a "new Post."

Will I get e-mail from the Google Group?

Some of our BOCA Google Group members may not realize you can control how much or how little e-mail you receive from this site.  You may choose to receive an e-mail every time there is a post or reply; or you can choose to receive no e-mail at all, but instead to check the page in your web browser on occasion. YOU choose the frequency, but please note that if you do not choose, the default setting is an email with every post.

To set your preferences, go to the BOCA Google Group page:BOCA Google Group

Then, click on the little head-and-shoulders icon in the upper right corner ("my settings"). That will give you a menu of these choices: 1. Don't send e-mail updates, 2. Send daily summaries, 3. Send combined summaries, 4. Send an e-mail for every new message. By choosing one of the options, you can decide how much or how little communication you want to receive from the site.