1998 Christmas Party at Casa Goldberg Sloane

2013 Christmas Party invitation

Member Meetings

BOCA holds two all-member meetings per year -- an outdoor summer meeting in June, and an indoor holiday meeting in December. The meetings take place at the home of one of the members. Cocktails and a potluck dinner are combined with a business meeting, whose agenda is distributed ahead of time. Since BOCA's founding in the 1974, these combined meeting / parties have created a wonderful and strong sense of community, introduced newcomers to their neighbors, and formed the basis for collective action to preserve, protect, and improve the Canyon.

Board of Directors

BOCA Neighborhood Association members elect a board at the end of each year. The terms are for for a period of one year. The Board meets three to four times a year to hear reports from the Committees, vote on any major actions, and approve budget items. Most Board members also serve as a committee chair. The board are all volunteers and you are encouraged to participate.


BOCA Board for 2014

PRESIDENT: Joan Kramer

VICE-PRESIDENT:  Holly Goldberg Sloan, Christine Darrin

TREASURER: Chris Holland

SECRETARY: Rebecca Tobias

Adrienne Chandhok 

Christine Darrin

Frank Langen

Sharon Kilbride

Jona Frank

Wes Hough